Mark Pistel and Room 5 offer services to cover all your production, recording, mixing and mastering needs. we can take your project from raw idea to finished product.


Upcoming and established bands and solo artists. Electronic, House, Disco, Industrial, Indie, Dance, Rock, Americana, Pop.
Can help with song arrangements, drum programing, synth programing and sequencing.
Choosing the right workspace for your budget, be it Room 5 or another location, achieving the right sounds and performances to get the song across to the listener.


Full band tracking, overdubs,  or building up an electronic track from scratch.


Album's, EP's, singles, re-mixes and music for film with Pro Tools HD and analog summing or large consoles.
Mixing from stems, raw tracks or material recorded at Room 5


Album's, EP's, Singles, for digital or vinyl.
Make a mix competitive on iTunes, club or on radio.


Cleaning up tracks for mixing.
Vocal tuning, timing and aligning
Drum timing and sample replacement
Creating  edits for film placement or radio play


Mark and Room 5 offer affordable, reasonable rates for production, recording, mixing, re-mixes and mastering.
Hourly, daily and project rates are available. Each project and budget are different, so please write for a quote on your project.

Other Services offered:

Bass or Guitar playing:
I offer my bass and guitar playing during sessions, usually for no additional cost.

Live Electronic Show Design:
Using Ableton Live or other programs with midi instruments, midi clock, synchronized video and lighting. can help to create a live electronic rig that is way more than just a "playback" show.
use midi instruments for control, triggering and improvisation. play a different show every night if you choose.
past designs include: Consolidated, Meat Beat Manifesto, DJ Shadow, Hercules and Love Affair.

Location Recording:
Live shows or special location environments.

Live Event Production:
Can assist in getting the proper audio, lighting and video systems and crew for your live event of any size.

Mark is a member of I.A.T.S.E. Local 16 and certified A1.

Please write for a quote.